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  • Curating Sea Life Beach Arrangements in Pescadero, CA
    In California, Pescadero, San Francisco Peninsula
    Once we scaled down the muddy coastal bluff, we landed on a rocky beach. This wasn’t a spread-out-a-blanket-for-sunbathing kind of beach; it was way too lumpy for that. My husband’s family had gathered for the weekend at a palatial oceanfront rental [Read More…]
  • Talking to the Source 37 Interviews and Counting
    In Writing Process
    Mid-2017 to date I’ve recorded 36 interviews on my little digital voice recorder. I put “37” interviews in the title because I just did one today but I only took notes…but since we’re counting non-recorded interviews let’s add at least another 15. [Read More…]
  • Feel Good about Your Writing: Get an Editor
    In Writing Process
    No matter how you feel about the act of writing – a difficult chore with tons of roadblocks or you love it so much you can’t stop writing – having a second set of eyes on your creation is a good idea. I’ve been taking on more and more editing work. [Read More…]
  • Crabbing at Pacifica Pier, Pacifica CA
    In California, Pacifica
    When my husband and I visit his hometown, Pacifica CA for a day at the beach, he usually incorporates a little reminiscing, whether that’s driving by one of the homes he used to live in or telling tales about the adventures he had with his gang of [Read More…]
  • Networking My Way to Editor-in-Chief of FitNFabs Magazine
    In Writing Process
    For the last few years, I’ve experimented with ways to grow my writing business and find new clients to work with. My preferred method has been to get out and meet people at networking events and mixers. I get to know who’s out there, what they are [Read More…]