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  • Chalking It Up At Courthouse Square, Redwood City, CA
    In California, Redwood City
    I appreciate a well-executed artistic composition and can cobble together a decent looking craft project or two. But I’m no artist. So when my artist husband hinted he wanted me to help him create a chalk sidewalk painting, I thought I’d be more of [Read More…]
  • 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Send e-Newsletters
    In Newsletters, Writing Process
    If you have a business, you should be sending an e-newsletter. Newsletters are a consistent form of marketing that if done right, provide value to your readers. In other words, the people you send your newsletter to once a month, want to open your [Read More…]
  • The Ocean Side of Devil’s Slide Trail – Montara to Pacifica, CA
    In California, Montara, Pacifica
    “We can park on either side of the tunnels,” I say to my husband as we drive north on HWY 1 to Devil’s Slide Trail. “But I want to park on the ocean side,” he says. “Yeah,” I say, “either side will do.” I glance over at him, he grips the steering [Read More…]
  • Curating Sea Life Beach Arrangements in Pescadero, CA
    In California, Pescadero, San Francisco Peninsula
    Once we scaled down the muddy coastal bluff, we landed on a rocky beach. This wasn’t a spread-out-a-blanket-for-sunbathing kind of beach; it was way too lumpy for that. My husband’s family had gathered for the weekend at a palatial oceanfront rental [Read More…]
  • Talking to the Source 37 Interviews and Counting
    In Writing Process
    Mid-2017 to date I’ve recorded 36 interviews on my little digital voice recorder. I put “37” interviews in the title because I just did one today but I only took notes…but since we’re counting non-recorded interviews let’s add at least another 15. [Read More…]