Black Friday: A Reflection

Black Friday holds a little of that Christmas morning anticipation and excitement that gift wrapped presents create. I had to hold myself back this morning to avoid sprinting in excitement to turn the computer on and see what great deals were ready to be had!

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Last year was my first real Black Friday. Actually my shopping started on Thanksgiving as I was getting side dishes ready to take to my parent’s. I was thrilled about all of the prices I found. There were $10 bedsheet sets and $25 sneakers. I filled my online basket at Macy’s and JCPenny.

My online rush was unexpectedly crushed when the Macy’s order was cancelled. I put a few hours into figuring out what I wanted and I used up around $100 in gift cards. The system stopped my order and sent me an email announcing everything was cancelled. My jaw dropped. This couldn’t be happening. I had such a perfect lineup of items at wonderful prices. I wanted my order!

After waiting on hold for a few hours over a span of several days, I spoke with countless Macy’s customer service reps. First, I found out the reason for the cancellation. My delivery address did not match my billing address, which was what I had requested. And I was told that they wouldn’t be able to reinstate my order. I was frustrated by this because it shouldn’t have been impossible to send me my order. Then I became worried about getting my gift cards re-credited because I didn’t trust Macy’s system or representatives. The resolution to my Black Friday shopping last year with Macy’s was being refunded and never getting my deals. So this year I didn’t waste my time with them.

I went straight to JCPenny this year because my order worked out with them previously. I zeroed my online search into the items that I’ve been wanting for a while; long sleeved interestingly designed tops. Checking under my size and designers that I’ve liked in the past, I found a few things that I wanted to buy. I clicked on the items to save them in my virtual cart to look over later. When I was ready to buy, all of the items I saved had disappeared! I went back through the website to find some of them to add back but they disappeared again. I was a little miffed by this glitch but I knew from last year that sometimes online ordering takes a little perseverance. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and found there was a “recently viewed” section that had most of the things listed that I was interested in. I put these in the actual shopping cart and was able to make a purchase.

As long as my order doesn’t get cancelled, I will be getting some nice shirts and new bedding delivered to me in about a week. I look forward to opening my box like a kid on Christmas morning.

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