Simple As That : Rewriting a Short Story

Fruit and Story, Photo by Eva Barrows
Fruit and Story, Photo by Eva Barrows

December 2014 – Wrote short story during an online writing class. Had particular goal in mind for characters but wasn’t pleased with outcome. Instructor said he thought story was fine and I was being hard on myself.

All of 2015 – Story hanging out in computer — All year. Wonder what it was like in there…

August 2016 – Thank god I found a writers critique group to be a part of. Story re-visited.

September 2016 – Kept essence of characters, moved the setting around, explored using different points of view and found the one that would show off the most interesting character the best. Edited myself as I wrote (slap on back of hand). Made my critique group read parts of story several times. (Will make it up to them somehow…chocolate?)

October 2016 – Agonized over ending. Complained at dinner table to husband about not knowing how to end story. Went back to desk, struck by lightning – premise isn’t what I wanted it to be, it was even better! And better yet, everything I needed was already there. Finished story and told husband. He said, “Really?!?” He didn’t understand how I could be in despair one moment then done with the story the next.

Currently – Waiting for next critique meeting to see what the girls think.

Next – I have some ideas about how to punch up the ending. Then I’m going to submit the sucker and get the story published. I hope it likes hanging out on paper better than stuck on my hard drive.

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2 thoughts on “Simple As That : Rewriting a Short Story”

  1. Love this! Am in the middle of fiction writing and it’s nice to know that you can set things aside and eureka moments can come when you least expect them.

    Yay for the energy for rewrites.

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