#1 Where on the Peninsula is This?

Guess where this photo was taken before reading further. Ready to find out if you are right? Read on!

Several years ago, before I knew the Peninsula very well, I had a temp job in Redwood Shores that I drove to from the East Bay. While I manned the front desk of a web photo product company, I wondered where the trails along the shoreline went. I remember a few employees biked the trails to and from work or took a jog during their lunch break. Now that I’ve been living on this side of the Peninsula for so many years, I decided a few weeks ago to relocate the shore access and try the trail myself.

We took Marine Parkway and a left onto Bridge Parkway to follow the Belmont Slough and picked up a section of the Bay Trail to explore. Marsh grasses, salt ponds with shorebirds, crunchy gravel paths, and bay water lapping against muddy embankments reinvigorate visitors seeking to connect with nature.

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