about me

FitNFabs Magazine on the shelf at Draeger's Market, San Mateo
FitNFabs Magazine on the shelf at Draeger’s Market, San Mateo

Encouraged by my short story and poetry publication in my high school and college literary journals, I earned a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. While at SFSU I was a member of the undergraduate literary journal, Transfer, editorial team. I enjoyed reading submissions and discussing them with the editors. After graduating from SFSU, I furthered my experience in publishing by interning at Travelers’ Tales, a book publisher. While at Travelers’ Tales I learned the process of book production through the entire cycle of story submission and requests for stories, to acquisitions and contracts and then copyedit, cover design and publication launch party!

Web Publishing

I loved the publication process so much that I created the online literary journal, Imitation Fruit (www.imitationfruit.com), in 2007 and the tenth year anniversary of the journal is upon us. Over the years the journal has grown in readership, size, quality and depth. As the editor, I seek to publish upbeat works of fiction and non-fiction and complement writing with colorful artwork and bold design. Authors, artist, and readers appreciate the journal as it is unique in the world of online journals because of its focus on positive content.

Article Writing

For the news zine, Science Fiction/San Francisco (www.efanzines.com/SFSF/), I have written about my interest in local historical reenactment events like the Dickens Fair at the San Francisco Cow Palace. One of my favorite events was a Jane Austen era romantic poetry gathering at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park where participants were in costume and feasted while on a fleet of row boats. And to best prepare myself for these events, I sewed my own costumes!

Study of Television Writing

As my interest in comedic writing has grown, I have learned how to write sitcom spec scripts and even created an outline for my own sitcom pilot idea through the UCLA Extension. I wrote spec scripts for The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. Writing consistently funny, intertwined plot lines is hard work especially for someone attempting it without the camaraderie of a writers’ room. The experience taught me tools such as outlining and creating the structure of a piece before going to work filling it in.

Sketch Comedy Writing

To continue my comedic writing journey, I’ve recently studied with the sketch comedy group, Killing My Lobster, in San Francisco. While there, I wrote multiple sketches and my ability to be outlandish progressed throughout the process. One of the best experiences I had at KML was when actors worked with my sketch script and brought it to life.

Networking in Writing

I am now a proud member of the California Writers Club and taking advantage of the resources the club provides. I work with a writer critique group, and am preparing short stories to submit to several Club related publications.